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I hope you will join me in this journey!


21 Day Fix :)

Okay, so I have done P90X for the past few years. It is my go to work out! I love Insanity and Les Mills, but something P90X always kept me coming back for more. But this Friday I will be starting the 21 Day Fix program by Autumn Calabrese. I am beyond excited. The philosophy of simplicity is extremely intriguing to me. “Simple Fitness. Simple Eating. Fast Results.” PERFECT!!! I will be posting before and after photos on my Twitter and sharing them here and on my FB. I think I am going to do weekly postings for progress and daily postings for diet.  I would love to challenge anyone else who has not tried this to join me and we can post together and share our story. 

If you want to take this challenge with me, please contact me at


Thank you in advance for all the support 🙂

Craving Thin Mints? Try This :)

I was exploring Pinterest this morning and a friend of mine was raving about Thin Mints and the healthy alternative she tried using Shakeology 🙂

Thin Mint Shakeology:

1 Scoop chocolate Shakeology

1 tsp. mint extract

1 c. unsweetened vanilla almond milk



This is my new favorite 🙂 contact me to start your Shakeology Transformation today 🙂

Do NOT say you …

Do NOT say you “can’t”! You can say, “I don’t want to”. You can say, “I’m not willing to put forth the effort”. But DO NOT say you CAN’T!

This is what they call a “Tonyism” from Tony Horton!! The creator of P90X and many other Beachbody wonders!!! CAN’T is never a word or possibility in the world of fitness or in life. It is all a matter of are you WILLING too…..

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